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Updated: Dec 31, 1969


Updated: Dec 31, 1969

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Updated: Jan 25, 2017
Amcom Software
5555 W. 78th. St. ,  Edina,  MN,  55439
Phone: 800-852-8935   Fax: 952-946-7700
Contact: Bill Craft   moc.liamtohnull@wny1dky4y2    
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Buxton Corporation
1636 Johns Road,  Clinton,  OH,  44216
Phone: 330-882-1400   Fax: 330-882-0131
Contact: Al Buxton, President   moc.liamnull@j0rl4fwyfj    
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2833 E Brookside Ave,  Orange,  CA,  92867
Phone: 714-914-2822   Fax: 714-974-2822
Contact: Amy Bailey   moc.kooltuonull@hfwlg7k2kym    
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Conveyant Systems
9q0jxBK0,  E3DIw1OgTu,  b7ficG8k
Phone: 847-658-9396   Fax: 847-658-0502
Contact: Lynn Ellis Miller   moc.kooltuonull@cl5g01y9d    
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Dominion Lasercom
6021 Bradford Way ,  Hudson,  OH,  44326
Phone: 216-570-4090   Fax: SC79e11EbS
Contact: Paul Buklad   moc.kooltuonull@oi1yus4li    
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Foundry Networks
890 Cimarron Oval,  Aurora,  OH,  44202
Phone: 330-995-4997   Fax: 216-274-9118
Contact: Doug Miller   moc.liamtohnull@lkohyjtui    
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30680 Bainbridge Rd. ,  Solon,  OH,  44139
Phone: 440-542-5031   Fax: 440-542-5005
Contact: Charles E. Daane   moc.liamtohnull@0ni118yb    
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Knight Electric
858 Distribution Dr.,  Columbus ,  OH,  43228
Phone: 614-299-4445   Fax: 614-299-5135
Contact: Emily Frisch   moc.liamnull@anpktvqs    
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NACR (AAA): North American Communications Resource Inc.
cKFpzvlnP7u,  4PgWhwGsTrF,  Mc5eZjm3
Phone: 800-431-1333 ext 6748   Fax: 651-796-6746
Contact: Anne Guerrier   moc.kooltuonull@qhu9mzgl    
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Netsoft Technologies Inc.
323 Regatta Dr. ,  Avon Lake,  OH ,  44012
Phone: RHM7WoLQ   Fax: XptI5WQ4k
Contact: Russ Finley   moc.kooltuonull@ynzusg56    
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33210 Lakeland Boulevard,  Eastlake,  OH,  44095
Phone: 800-872-7000   Fax: 440-946-1247
Contact: John Paratore   moc.liamtohnull@rgupo7snwx    
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Ronco Communications
2206 West 15th st. #6,  Erie ,   PA ,  16505
Phone: 330-688-5079   Fax: 814-866-5800
Contact: Christopher Gatti   moc.liamgnull@hdecip9sah    
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Shared Technologies
1587 S. Hametown Rd. ,  Copley,  OH,  44321
Phone: 330-666-5960   Fax: dGsGDwci
Contact: Tyrus Parker   moc.liamtohnull@ng18ot6zi9m    
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Sound Communications Inc.
29050 Glenwood Road ,  Perrysburg,  OH,  43551
Phone: 419-666-0676   Fax: 419-666-7335
Contact: Garry Stephenson   moc.oohaynull@cdf8joe4usa    
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1738 Nemet Drive ,  Seven Hills,  OH,  44131
Phone: 216-328-9633   Fax: 216-328-9634
Contact: George Leshan   moc.knilartcepsnull@nahselg    
Strategic Data and Telecom, Inc.
121 S. Webster,  Naperville,  IL,   60540
Phone: 630-355-7331 x 1003     Fax: 630-355-1971
Contact: Chuck Borso   moc.kooltuonull@9ekluar5    
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Torrence Sound
29050 Glenwood Road ,  Perrysburg,  OH,  43551
Phone: 419-666-0676   Fax: 419-666-7335
Contact: Dan Furney   moc.liamnull@ilku8js6    
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US Communications
31999 Aurora Road,  Solon,  OH,  44139
Phone: 440-519-0880     Fax: 440-498-5696
Contact: Joe Bina   moc.liamgnull@lcqcltidka    
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USA Mobility
243311 Miles Rd suite B ,  Cleveland ,  OH,  44128
Phone: 216-763-0320   
Contact: Brian Uszak   moc.ytilibomasunull@kazsU.nairB    
Products: Paging and Wireless Solutions
Veramark Technologies, Inc.
Phone: 585-383-6836   
Contact: Gerry Henderson   moc.kramarevnull@nosrednehg    
Products: Telecommunications cost management software for use on IP-based networks and circuit-switched pbx networks
Xtend Communications Corp
171 Madison Avenue ,  New York,  NY,  10016
Phone: 212-951-7600   Fax: 212-951-7683
Contact: Al Cormier   moc.dnetxnull@reimroca    
Products: Call center Solutions